Hail the New Skincare Oil – Crocodile Oil!

When you think about beauty and skincare, the last thought that would come to mind would probably be crocodiles – or anything that has to do with the reptile family! These uncanny breed of animals are better off in their swampy habitat for they have nothing to do with our beauty needs – or do they? The idea of crocodile fat in your night cream is just too much to fathom. However, experts purport that crocodile oil can be an effective remedy to dry, scaly skin. Oh, the irony!


Contrary to the reptilian preconception, research suggests that the fat found in the croc’s skin can help cure skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, inflammation, and irritation. Surprisingly, crocodile oil is found to be rich in skin-repairing ingredients – antioxidants, vitamins E and A, linoleic acid, oleic acid, sapogens, terpines.. you name it! Still not convinced?


The said fat from crocodiles are also packed with omega 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that do an amazing job as natural moisturisers. Plus, add to that its anti-inflammatory properties. Fun fact: Our bodies can’t naturally produce these stuff! Amazing, right?


So is crocodile oil the new coconut oil? There is still so much to learn about this newly-discovered skincare ingredient. Although it is widely used for years and years now, crocodile oil derived from the fat of crocodiles has only been recently documented as a potent addition to our skincare regimen. In Mexico, Madagascar, and South Africa, this type of oil has long been utilised in treating skin issues. According to Repcillin, a South African brand that manufacture crocodile oil, "The fat from the crocodile is collected when the meat is trimmed and prepared. There is only 600g of fat available from a single crocodile."


It may seem freakily scary to equate crocodiles with nice skin—but this discovery surely is promising. How about you? Are you convinced to possibly add crocodile oil to your regular skincare stash?


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