IPL Hair Reduction: Embrace A Smooth Summer!

As we are approaching the end of a beautiful year, give yourself this one last treat – a smoother version of you this summer! As the temperature rises, so does the need to take extra good care of your skin. Bella Medispa is happy to give you a wonderful opportunity to embrace a smooth, hairless skin this summer through our Intense Pulsed Light Treatment. If you have long been suffering from the humiliation and discomfort of having patched skin and untamed hair here and there, then this hair reducton technology is definitely for you.

Intense Pulsed Light is non-invasive, light-based and patented. When used as a hair reduction modality, the light emitted, when absorbed by melanin deposits found in the hair shafts of the skin, is transformed into heat energy that destroys hair follicles. Approximately 20 to 30 percent of the hair is sloughed off after each treatment.  As the treatment progresses, the hair will become sparser and less dense. Learn more about it here.

We asked some of our happy clients to share to us their experience with IPL hair reduction!

Chloe 20s

It was kind of hard to revisit how it was during my high school years. In 8th grade I was always laughed at because of my extra hairy arms and legs. It really made a dent on my self-esteem. To have people making fun of me was difficult, but for me to despise how I look was unhealthy.  I always thought it would always stay this way. I’ve had enough of the usual shaving. My hair grow even coarser and it made the texture of my skin terrible. There’s no way I’ll be doing it forever. When I first had my consultation at Bella Medispa, I was sort of anxious. Would it hurt? Would it work out for me? Good thing I took the plunge and I did not regret it at all. I must say that it had helped me a lot. It really did.

Erin 30s

Waxing was definitely not for me. When I had my facial hair waxed, it was horrible. It was red and painful every time. So I said to myself, I need to look for other options. I’m glad I had that conversation with a friend who opened up to me about Bella’s IPL treatments. I’m better off without those hair and I am loving the results. I am more confident now and it just feels amazing to never have to go through the struggle of waxing and shaving. Plus, I love how accommodating the people there are!

Alex 20s

 It has to be the smartest decision I’ve ever made. I can wear anything I want now and my confidence is up there! I say, go invest for what would make you look and feel better.


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