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Clinically, acne is a disorder in the pilosebaceous units (PSU) found under the surface of the skin. PSUs are widely distributed all over the body especially in the chest, upper back and the face. Acne breakouts come about as a result of hormonal activities and other substances on the skin's oil glands or sebaceous glands found in these PSUs. As a result, clogged pores and outbreaks of lesions basically known as pimples appear on the skin. These lesions typically appear on the face, neck, back, chest and even on the shoulders, since these areas of the body are where PSUs are most numerous.

The sebaceous glands found beneath the skin produces an oily substance called sebum. Sebum is naturally emptied out by way of the follicles' opening called pores. The hair, sebum and the cells called keratinocytes coating the follicles can clog the follicles disabling the sebum to be emptied out through the pore. P. acnes is a type of bacteria normally found in the skin and thrives in the clogged environment with the presence of sebum and cells. P.acnes then attracts white blood cells and causes an inflammation which is characteristic to injured tissues in the skin. When the clogged follicle's walls break down, the mixture of oil, skin cells and bacteria is spilled into the nearby skin resulting to lesions which we refer to as zits or pimples. Other varieties of lesions produced include blackheads, whiteheads, nodules and cysts.

Experts confer that acne is caused by an interplay of related factors such as the increase of sex hormones called androgen. Androgen production is at its peak during puberty, thus, the scourge of acne during the teenage years. Genetics and hormonal changes before and during menstruation as well as during pregnancy are also other factors contributing to the development of acne. Several factors are also believed to worsen acne flares. Excess oil due to the use of moisturizers, environmental aggressors such as pollution and humidity, stress and pressure in the skin due to vigorous rubbing are also related to acne breakouts.

Although mostly teenagers are the hardest hit, acne can still affect people of all ages and races. About 80% of people from ages 11 to 30 are subjected to varied forms of acne outbreaks, according to the National Institute of Health. Acne breakouts are most common in adolescents and young adults, though.

How can Bella Medispa help you?

Microdermabrasion, Facial peels, High Performance Facials, Medicalia Skincare range.

Here at Bella Medispa, we understand your plight in this common skin concern. With that, we have come up with a solution to your acne flares. Our highly trained therapists will conduct first a complimentary consultation to make sure that our treatments are suitable for your skin condition. Mild acne cases can be very well treated through our collection of intensive clinical treatments.

Microdermabrasion is an effectively safe, non-invasive treatment suitable for those with acne breakouts and acne scarring. This safe approach towards a youthful, glowing skin uses diamond-tipped heads along with crystal microdermabrasion to delicately chafe the skin's top-layer surface while removing dead skin cells and debris. It stimulates lymphatic drainage and production of collagen, elastin and fibroblast for an exfoliated, firmer and healthier skin. Bella Medispa's Facial Peels effectively address a wide range of skin concerns such as acne, scarring, dehydration, enlarged pores, congestion and sun-damaged skin.

Bella Medispa's High Performance Facials, Acne Facials can also be the solution you have been looking for. Bella Medispa's Acne Facial includes a comprehensive cleansing of your face as well as the application of Clear-O-Zym that naturally exfoliates and unclogs pores for an acne-free radiance. Our High Performance Facials nourish and instantly replenish your skin's healthy glow.

Moreover, our Medicalia Skincare product range also endows you with an exceptional home skincare regimen which complements our varied treatments that may help retard the development of severe acne flares.

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