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Medik8 Skincare Biotechnology

Medik8 Skincare Biotechnology is one with Bella Medispa in bringing you high quality skincare range that is especially tailored to address specific skin problems. The advanced skincare line is highly acclaimed as a "professional" brand that can be distributed through professional outlets only. With Bella Medispa's parallel mission to deliver expert results, we have teamed up with one of the best of the industry today. 

Why Trust Medik8?

Medik8 has grown into a well-known brand for 40 solid years living by its philosophy which primarily promotes the best, safest, high-quality skincare solutions to a range of skin problems.  Featuring their fresh-to-the-market and 100% paraben-free products with right ingredients and formulation, professional strength, enhanced stability and potency, Medika8 was able to earn the trust of most dermatologists, doctors, nurses, and professional skincare specialists today. That is exactly the very reason why we have embraced and incorporated Medik8's award-winning cosmeceuticals to our wide range of Medispa treatments. 

The Right Ingredients

Needless to say, Medik8 Skincare Technology is passionately driven to give excellent service to their clientele through a wide range of high-quality products made especially from the right ingredients. A part of the brand's philosophy is to provide advanced skincare with the use of chirally correct ingredients to make sure that the product formulation delivers the best possible results with minimal level of potential irritation.

Professional Strength

The functionality of an ingredient is not always defined by how strong it is. Sometimes, stronger is not always the better option. Some antioxidants, for instance, downgrade at a higher concentration. Thus, Medik8's research team plays a very important role in determining the right concentration and professional strength of ingredients that surely delivers the best possible results; that includes the probability of using less.

Ingredient Penetration

Efficient results are said to be delivered appropriately when active ingredients reach the target location -- it can be the skin surface while, in some cases, it can be the epidermis. Medik8's reliable team of pharmacologists essentially formulates cosmetics with appropriate level of ingredient penetration to guarantee results.

Enhancing Stability

A product's effectiveness is hugely dependent on its key active ingredient's stability, meaning its form does not easily change or is not easily changed even when you open the product. However, there are some skincare ingredients that become unstable even while it is on the shelf. That being said, Medik8 Skincare Technology is dedicated to deal with this important aspect seriously. Medik8's formulations are a product of improved stability for better, maximum results.


To ensure freshness, Medik8 follows a small batch production process. This way, Medik8 products are guaranteed stable, fresh and potent. Even when the products are distributed to various clients, they are still power and effective to deliver optimum results. Providing handmade, fresh products to the market is one of the many reasons why Medik8 Skincare Technology stands an edge among all the other providers of cosmeceuticals. 

How Can Medik8 Help You?

Recognized as a skincare company pioneering cosmeceuticals technologies, Medik8 has developed scientifically-rooted formulations and treatments to particularly address commonly experienced skin problems such as skin ageing, pigmentation, acne/blemishes, dryness and redness as well as dark circles. Not only that, Medik8 also has a body range to take care of your skin from top to toe. Old and young, Medik8 has the right solution for your skin's needs. 

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