5 great ways to workout outside

Going to the gym every week and getting on a treadmill or lifting weights can be boring. And not only this, it can be expensive having to pay for a gym membership. There are so many great ways that you can work out that don’t involve a gym that allows you to stay fit and healthy and enjoy the great outdoors.

  1. Stand up paddle boarding

This is a really fun activity and something that can be done with friends too. If you’ve never done it before, you might find it a little challenging at first but before long you’ll be a pro. Its great for your balance meaning you are using your legs and core and then your upper body gets a workout as you paddle along – perfect!

  1. Skipping

This may seem a little old school but it is certainly one that can get the heart pumping. Skipping is so versatile and is something that you can certainly build on incorporating tricks and your friends to make it a really fun activity.

  1. Basketball, soccer, tennis etc.

These games are all great because anyone can play and it is a great opportunity to engage with your friends and have fun. Organise a lunch time or after work game and you and all your friends will be fit before you know it. A great alternative to the gym!

  1. Bike riding

Whilst you will need to find a bike, this is certainly a workout that can take you to some pretty cool places. You can explore your city or venture out of town to explore what the world has to offer all while getting in some valuable exercise. The changing terrain ensures that your legs will get a great workout and before you know it you will have great toned legs.

  1. Park running

Find your local park and take in the beautiful greenery as you run through it. This is also another work out that you can get your friends involved in and can be done at any time. It is a great way of getting out of the office during the week and enjoying the natural scenery that lives within your city. Mix it up a little by going to different locations and changing your route to keep it interesting and find a new challenge every couple of weeks to keep pushing yourself.