Four reasons to get a facial treatment at the spa

People often think getting a facial treatment is an exorbitant experience, but in reality there are so many benefits to it. Your skin goes through a cycle of cell growth and exfoliation every three to four weeks, and skin care specialists recommend that you have a facial treatment during each cycle.

This will ensure that your skin is in good condition and progressing normally through this cycle of regeneration. Getting a facial treatment at the spa will also give your skin the deep cleanse that home treatments can’t quite achieve.

Going to a spa for your regular facial will help your skin look healthier, clearer, and younger! Here are four more reasons to get a facial treatment at the spa!

Having an expert analyse your skin

Going to the spa for a facial treatment is a great opportunity to get an expert opinion on your skin type. As you will be bare faced, your esthetician will be able to make an assessment on your skin, which will help inform the products you use during your own skincare routine.

Knowing more about your skin will help you learn how to better take care of it! This is the first step to having better skincare for healthier skin.

Professional exfoliation and extraction

A facial treatment at the spa will give your skin the professional exfoliation and extraction you just can’t get at home. With specialised tools and treatment, going to a facial will allow you to get that deep clean.

This will leave you with a great base that you can maintain with your skincare treatments at home.

Relax and destress

Getting a facial at the spa is also a great way for you to relax and destress! Incorporating a regular appointment into your schedule will ensure that you have something relaxing to look forward to every once in a while.

The hydration and circulation your skin will experience during a facial is rejuvenating not just to your physical body, but your mind!

Personalised advice and treatment

Getting a facial at the spa will give you personalised and professional advice. Facial treatments can be tailored to your skin to target any specific problems you have. You will also get the chance to ask your esthetician any skincare related questions.

This will help you discern which products are best for your skin and let you know what changes you should make to your facial routine!