How to detoxify your life

There are so many elements that can “poison” our lives, whether it is food, people or the environment we live in. without us knowing they can weight us down and slowly work away at our health.

Finding ways to rid these toxins from our lives is important to maintain our wellbeing and to prosper in this world.

  1. Detox your mind

Sometimes, all we need is to take a few hours for ourselves to get out of the world and just find a moment within us. There are a few great activities that encourage this and work to find a state of complete relaxation.

  • Yoga – great for the body and also the mind. Yoga is relaxing and forces you to focus deep within yourself
  • Turn off your phone – you may not notice it but your phone is one of the biggest distractions in your life and also one of the biggest sources of stress.
  • Get stuck in a book – reading is a great way to take your mind off of everything and just focus on what is in front of you. Get lost in a book that will take you on an adventure.


  1. Detox your body

You should constantly be seeking to eat or drink things that will rid your body of the toxins contained in other foods. Regularly drink herbal teas and take trips to the sauna or steam room to remove the harmful toxins that get stuck in your body.

  1. Detox your skin

Your skin is one of the most susceptible organs to toxins because it is completely exposed to the outside world. This means that it needs extra care in order to stay detoxed. Following a consistent skin care routine like this one will ensure your skin stays healthy and free of toxins;

  • A thorough make-up remover (and regularly using it to remove make up at the end of every day)
  • A deep cleanser – used daily in the shower to keep your skin fresh and clean
  • Moisturisers – also used 1-2 times every day to keep your skin moist and glowing

In addition to this daily routine, be sure to invest in a trip to the spa every couple of months for a complete facial and body scrub to get rid of any of the deeper toxins. This will have benefits for your skin and your mind allowing you to completely relax as you detox.

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