How you can grow thicker eyebrows

Strong, thick eyebrows are in fashion and they are here to stay. Many people believe that if they stop messing with their eyebrows that they will grow back thick and strong but isn’t necessarily the case as there are a number of factors at play.

The most important thing is patience because it can take some time until you have the full eyebrows that you desire. Understand that time is valuable and follow these five tips to help you achieve stronger, fuller and thicker eyebrows.

  1. Nutrition

Your diet is going to help your eyebrows grow from the inside out. Eat foods high in B vitamins and Biotin (found in most foods but specifically dairy products). High protein foods are also important as this is a key ingredient in hair grow. Ensuring that your body is healthy is the first step to fuller eyebrows.

  1. Skincare products

It may be a little surprising to learn that if you want fuller eyebrows, you need to avoid applying skincare products on or near them. Many products can end up clogging your pores and limiting growth. Additionally, regular exfoliation will help to keep the skin and pores clean to help promote growth.

  1. Makeup

Be careful when applying makeup to your eyebrows and around them. If you are too rough or use excessive chemicals then the hair can fall out. if you notice that they are thinning then be sure to check that it isn’t the application process of the products you are using.

  1. Growth serum

This is something that should be done if you aren’t seeing much change after a few months. Growth serum is great and is often required for those who experience trauma from previous eyebrow plucking and styling. Generally, change will be seen after using the growth serum twice a day for three or four months.

  1. Control yourself

As was mentioned in the first paragraph, growing thick and full eyebrows is a process that requires patience. The full process can take anywhere between 4 months and a year so you will need to understand that the care needs to be consistent.

Avoid any plucking or waxing of your eyebrows as this doesn’t encourage growth and can slow down the process. If you find that stray hairs are becoming an issue, see a professional who will be able to assist in the growth process.

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