Should you invest in corporate flu vaccinations?

This flu season, take measures to keep your workplace healthy. Your firm may want to consider providing free corporate flu vaccinations. If your company does not have access to a clinic, you should encourage your staff to get their shots elsewhere. There are numerous advantages to including annual corporate flu vaccinations in your company’s health programme, here are a few to keep in mind.

Benefits of corporate flu vaccinations

Corporate flu vaccinations come with a range of potential benefits, including:

  • Reduces costs by minimising the amount of time employees have to take off work to get the shot
  • Motivates and inspire employees
  • Decrease the number of sick days and trips to the doctor

What you’ll need to run a successful corporate flu vaccinations program

Corporate flu vaccination

A step-by-step guide for clinic coordinators/supervisors who oversee corporate flu vaccination programs is available to assist you conduct your own clinic.


As appropriate, management, human resources, employees, and labour representatives should be involved in the planning process.

Encourage senior management to support the establishment of a corporate flu vaccination clinic on-site. Make getting a shot a company priority and set a goal that is in line with this goal.

Establish a program coordinator and/or team with clearly defined responsibilities and roles. For employers, occupational health and safety staff may spearhead these efforts. Find out if an experienced outside service provider is necessary to meet your company’s need and maximize participation by scheduling the clinic during business hours.

Determine the level of demand for a shot among your personnel

Protect as many employees as feasible with adequate and easily available shots.

Your on-site clinic should be able to accommodate employees without them having to “go off the clock” during their workday. Set a goal and demonstrate to employees the importance of their involvement. The percentage of employees who have gotten corporate flu vaccination should be increased each year. Make sure your company accepts the pledge to be recognised as an organisation that adheres to best practises after implementing these best practises.

Offering free or low-cost shots, giving food and beverages at the clinic, or arranging a competition for the department with the highest proportion of immunised personnel can enhance participation.

Here are some ways to get people interested in the shot clinic:

  • Corporate flu vaccination posters can be displayed in high-traffic places such as break rooms and cafeterias.
  • The clinic and prevention can be highlighted in company communications (e.g., newsletters, intranet, emails, portals, etc.)
  • High-traffic areas should be marked with promotional posters and pamphlets announcing the location, date, and time of the clinic(s).
  • As a business leader, you can encourage your staff to be immunised by advertising it directly to them.
  • Promote immunisation using social media


Corporate flu vaccinations should be held in a place that is both comfortable and convenient. Consider the space requirements and privacy concerns. By urging corporate leaders and managers to get immunised first, you’ll set a good example.

If you’re not able to run one in the workplace, encourage uptake in your workforce by reminding employees to get immunised outside of work. Workplace newsletters, intranets, emails, portals, and other company communications should include articles about the need of these shots and where employees may receive the shot in the community.

This can help employers to educated staff and protect their safety. Having staff protected against diseases can make a very big difference to productivity during the seasons where many tend to get sick, as illness can be a common culprit for absenteeism and other costly issues in the workplace.